DAY 348

in the park II

I love going to walk to the park which is a tiny microcosm that shows me what life is about and also, a fascinating organic being that has its own pace, and breathes according the seasons

There you can see the best side of each of them and even when they are not very noticeable here due to our climate, you will always find something special  that will remind you the uniqueness of every season. 
All the seasons become interesting and appealing there, but no doubt, my favorite one is autumn

If you go to the park this month and the next one you won´t pay attention to the falling leaves which are not the main feature of this time of the year here -indeed leaves are falling and sprouting the whole year-, but you will be amazed by the marvelous touches of red

You will never see so much red in the park as you will see throughout this season. The color scheme includes all the shades of that color from scarlet to magenta, from amaranth to maroon, not to mention the vermillion, burgundy or carmine

The rest of the colors go pale comparing to the reds, except for the gold yellows, ochres and ambers which are also characteristic of autumn. And many others don´t even appear. Indeed the subtle mauves, the charming coral pinks or the soft apricot yellow have left the park along spring and the purples, fuchsias and magentas were very typical of summer. 
So when I go to the park these days I feel like entering a red universe. And this links me deeply to earth, makes me feel more steady but also more alive and confident

As you may already know, the red color red is associated to first chakra which is said that pulses with a vivid color red, it is also associated with the sense of being grounded and at one with the planet we inhabit... so this can be the reason why I feel this way when I walk around the park now 

As a Reiki practitioner and therapist, I know that working with chakras can be an effective way to physical and spiritual wellbeing, and I know that a healthy chakra accepts positive energy from outside and project them both within and without, but I am always astonished when I sense things that greatly benefit my chakras -and permit them work properly- and this happens spontaneously, out of a deliberate practice. 
Maybe because this makes me feel that our road toward enlightenment can be walked without so much effort or strife once we are open to what the universe offers us: like a pretty park around the corner

Soon the beiges, silvery whites and ash grays of the winter will start to change the park, but till then, I´ll keep on enjoying this powerful connection and sense of belonging to the world

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Catherine said...

Nice post! Fall is certainly a wondrous time of the year... among all the magnificent colors, my favorite is golden yellow :) Thank you for the information on reds...

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