DAY 347

in the park

I am finally restarting my walks and catchin
g up with all the wonderful changes that have occurred lately in the park next to my house 

One of the things that makes it  so interesting (apart from its size, it´s quite big) is the great variety of plants, flowers and trees that live there together. Our mild weather makes possible to cultivate many kind of plants that  have different growing and  flowering periods.  So when one goes there,  one always finds something interesting to look at and becomes familiar with the cycles of life without noticing

Birth and death are happening every single moment in the park  and I have learnt to appreciate the magnificent beauty of this fact and to find equally charming any step of the process

In the park I have understood that life is made of any of those steps. Life is not only present in the moments of development or in the moments of greatest splendor, it´s also present in the moments of decline. It´s present when the door is first opened till when we last close it, and  there is a radiant beauty that pervades all these moments 

We´ll be able to see it if we don´t be trapped in preconceived ideas about what life should be which are linked to perfection, immutability, control and so on 

Most of us are trapped in them, but a good walk along my park  will make us to question them and move forward a new understanding of things

1 comment:

Allyssa said...

Beautiful. I don't think I'll see a park the same way again :)

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