DAY 265

my baby just cares for playing

...that´s why she needs to have a pretty good rest after noon

I am not going to tell the whole story once again but this precious kitty has made a great difference in our lives. She loves to share our little family´s routines and is the most playful and participative cat I ever seen

I started to think of having  a new kitty and writing  a blog at the same time. And she came to our house unexpectedly the same month I published my first posts almost by chance

Both of them have been awesome gifts even when last summer I could not imagine that today I would be writing this, that I could feel so amazingly blessed

Life can become captivating when we follow our heart...


Mom of A and a said...

I love the way she has her paws around her soft toy!! So cute!!

I love the look of your background, btw! Is it something you created?

Introverted Art said...

She is the sweetest looking kitten. It looks like she is smiling.

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