DAY 264

my feet make me keep the good sense

My feet are tireless and have kept me standing for more than four decades
They  have carried me along the world and throughout my life 

They have allowed me to walk, dance, tiptoe, and run in pursuit of my dreams 

The feet that seemed to me to be too big and far away from the cute feet I dreamt of, are strong, wise and purposeful, and have helped me to be upright (both literally and metaphorically) regardless my opinions and rejection 

Every time I go for a walk they permit me to straighten my ideas, meet again with amazement, breathe again and feel alive. My inner self emerge and I become fully aware of the beauty of my own path 

This week I´ve realized that even when I know that, I haven´t honored them properly, maybe because being earthly haven´t be my top priority till recently. So I decided to play a bit with them and make them the main subject of some photos

Look at them: They are perfect. They are nicely designed to withstand my body. They are beautiful. They really deserve my love. And of course, they can also look like elegantly and stylishly fashionable

I feel so happy with them...

1 comment:

Introverted Art said...

what a beautiful honor to this part of body that we take for granted. They take us places, support our bodies, and when I was little, were used to kick boys ;-) and... they ARE beautiful.

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