DAY 608

so there is courage in blooming...

Yes, there is courage in showing up once and again.

There is courage in living every day trying to be aware of what happens inside
while the heart stays wide open.

There is courage in embracing every single experience that comes to meet me
and in letting them go when they not longer teach me… or comfort me.

There is courage in starting a new page
without knowing what is going to happen,
and in making room for curiosity regardless of the old pain.

There is courage in becoming the person that I always dreamt of being,
and in being true to myself

There is courage in going through this existence without fear
-even when I am fearful-
one day and another,
and in doing my best regardless what others have to offer me.

There is courage in being myself without making excuses,
 and in giving up conditionings

There is courage in coexisting with myself peacefully,
in spreading hope by using only the fabric of my life
and in healing my wounds without any other remedy but love and compassion.

There is courage in me  when I  wake up slowly after another fail (or fall)
only to listen the tiny voice within,
to stand up for what I believe
or to make a flag only with light.

Yes, there is courage in me,
and there is also courage in you.

After yesterday's post, I experienced  some relief, and I realized that I should stop fighting. I thought this morning I would feel uneasy anyway, but I came up with this. Being kind with myself is not always easy, so I think this is a little step in the right direction.

Much Love



Unknown said...

This is beautiful, Zena! You are courageous, indeed! "A flag only with light". I love that image and she'll hold onto it. Thank you! Sending you love and hugs and wishes for a wonderful weekend.

Kellie Heath said...

Oops! Meant to say "will" hold onto it. :)

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