DAY 365+48

it´s all about love

... So in my previous post I committed myself to talk about this topic, but when I started to write nothing interesting came to my mind

I started this paragraph a few times, but sometimes the sentences sounded too grandiloquent, and others they seemed clichés or were just trivial. Love is the ultimate motivation of any human being but talking about it is not that easy, maybe because it´s the most complex emotion we can feel and the least homogeneous: it is made of patches of this and that. Patches which can´t be measured in order to show an accurate description of what love signifies to us or how we experience love

In fact, it´s much more facile to show simply what we have always love, what we have learnt to love, what we have come to love (even when we didn´t expect to) and what we are starting to love (even when we still find hard to do it). It´s said that we can be known by our fruits, so I hope this will let you know what love means to me

What I have always loved

Images. Eye-catching colors and forms. Silence, solitude and written words. Creating things. My friends and beloved ones. Chocolate and books

feeling inspired


musing on the world around me

What I have learnt to love
Simplicity. Teaching. Walks and healthy foods. Boundaries and lightness. My inner world

feeling powerful


making pauses

What I have come to love (even when I didn´t expect to)
Cats, photography and the spiritual word. Visibility and forgiveness . "Imperfect" things. My destiny and my vision

feeling vulnerable


accepting life and persons as they are 

What I am starting to love (even when I still find hard to do it)
Day dreaming.Fruits. Detachment. Passing time

feeling imperfect


being myself

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Marcie said...

This is so beautiful..and I can relate to just about all that you 'love' here. This learning to love this 'feeling imperfect' is a life's work..isn't it??

Anonymous said...

Love is what it is all about ~ Wonderful post and so inspirational ~ ^_^

Cheri said...

Lovely and send you light & Love! Cheri CED

Unknown said...

This is why I keep coming back to your blog:

You help me to think clearly.
You help me to feel deeply. Out Loud.

You have a gift; I am so grateful that you share it so generously.


Cyndi said...

Beautiful photo and words - LOVE! I also love that we're perfectly imperfect. Lovely!

gina said...

This is a very moving post -- your honesty and sincerity are expressed so well. It's a spiritual journey, isn't it? I really believe that love can heal us and our planet.

con amor, Gina

p.s. I am so impressed that you are continuing your 365 project. Good for you!

Meri said...

Ah -- learning to love uncertainty. That's an important step on this uncertain journey.

Meri (a/k/a MeriMagic)

Beverley Baird said...

Wonderful thoughts on love! Love your photo

Unknown said...

"feeling imperfect
being myself"

Thank you so much for this post. It's very connected with my "belly"..
My warmest hug from Italy
Barbara Mug

Unknown said...

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