DAY 225

stop and smell the flowers

I remember that when I started to read about personal and spiritual development, one thing I found shocking was the great importance of concentrating on just one thing at a time. This was in conflict with the social discourse of that moment according to whom multitasking was a sign of competence and excellence. I remember my friends always had new exploits related to this issue to brag about and me too: we liked to think that we could do a trillion things at once without turning a hair. But of course, this was not totally true, we were paying a high price without knowing it, at least I was doing it...

So when I first read about it I decided to give it chance because the idea resonated with me deeply. Soon I understood, that I was right because multitasking, which was only a symptom of many other things that were not going right, was depleting myself and causing a sort of depersonalization in which my identity seemed to be unreal

Indeed, my habits of making lots of things, being always in a rush and in search of new ways to show my merits, wanting to achieve more in order to obtain everyone approval and so on, were making me living a life that was not as pleasant as I thought first, maybe because I was missing many important, yet not so visible, aspects of my life

When I started to practice mindfulness (which obviously is not compatible with many of my previous attitudes and behaviors), I started to notice things as they were, including many things I usually took for granted. This helped me to discover that I had the opportunity of choosing happiness by paying attention to my own life and also realized that this was the only shortcut to bliss

From that moment on, I started to become aware of the great importance of living life´s little moments and enjoying their amazing beauty


Deborah Tisch said...

I so appreciate what you are saying in this post...and I keep reading it, because it resonates with me. Multitasking is necessary at my paycheck job, but not in the rest of my hours in a day. Yet I get into that rut so often.

Thank you for sharing your truth, your story, and your valuable insight.

La Dolce Vita said...

Multi tasking creates a sort of nervous energy /nervous tension in the mind and body. It happens quite unknowingly. It does not let us be in the "now" , it does not let us enjoy the momentor feel the beauty of life. So, mindfulness is so necessary!
Beautiful post !

Meri said...

Hi Zena -- I added your blog to my "Blog Loves" sidebar on Meri's Musings. Nice to meet you!

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