DAY 365+1

come to fruition (second take)

A few hours ago I published the last post of my 365 project. To tell you the truth, I had been delaying the moment of publishing it (in fact, I was a week late, even when I was absolutely clear about what I wanted to write and had the right photo) because this was going to be  the end of an amazing experience

Some of you have asked me what I will do now. Of course, I will continue with this blog, it couldn´t be otherwise!

It  started  as a 365 days project where I wanted to post a daily photo and a short comment, about my healing moments - as its name says-, but  it has become much more than this: i
t has become a place where I can acknowledge  my feelings, deal with my fears and meet my true self. A place where I can open my heart and my mind and make them visible 

I didn´t expect it to be so important, but it has rescued me from boredom, anxiety, disconcertion and distrust more times than I can count. And it has given me a sense of belonging

No doubt it has gone far beyond the initial project and has gathered its own strength . 
Of course, this has to do with its content, and with my achievement, but also with the positive feedback I have obtained. It seems that my photos and words are appreciated in a way that I couldn´t predict when I started. I feel so grateful! 

These are the reasons why I want to keep this blog but I also want it (and myself) to walk toward new places and would  love to make room for new ideas and proposals

...I have so many plans in order to continue sharing glimpses of unexpected beauty and tiny pieces of what I have learned in new ways, that I can´t wait to start. But this won´t happen right now as I need time to rearrange my thoughts and make them feasible, but  I hope I will introduce them little by little in the months ahead`

Anyway, this will be always a place where I can be who I really am. A place where healing myself and where (if I am lucky enough) you will find inspiration to welcome your own moments of sanity


Susan said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal and I'm so happy to have visited you along parts of your journey here. You are an inspiration to so many. Happy also to hear that this is not the end...I look forward to viewing many more of your beautiful photos and words!

Introverted Art said...

You have been an inspiration for those of us who visit you. Your imagery along with your words have always made feel there is someone else in the world who "gets it."

Wifsie said...

I command you on completing this 365 day project. Your pictures are beautiful and, add me to your list, your words resonate with me. Keep going!

Maryse (aka Wifsie for Google)

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