DAY 365

come to fruition

This is the last post of my 365 project (not of my blog). 
I can hardly describe what this project has meant to me, but I will try. It has meant inspiration, creativity, awareness, enjoyment, openness and change

Indeed, maybe the last word is the key word to describe
 the whole experience. These are the main changes I have experienced:

When I started this blog, 365 posts ago, I didn´t considered myself to be good at photography but I found out that I can be good enough

I didn´t thought I could write about my deep feelings in English which is not my mother tongue, now I feel much more confident while using it

I was not sure of my own ability for creating something that could impact on other people, now I know that somehow my photos and my words echo their own feeling

I didn´t know if I would be able to convey the message I was thinking about, now I have discovered that all the snippets of my inner dialogue  create something that makes sense to many others

I very much doubted that I will be able to illustrate the healing power of everydayness, now this has become my hallmark 

I thought I couldn´t make use of my own journey to inspire a whole year of musings, but I have done it and they are not only intelligible, but consistent

I had some goals in mind, but I have no idea about how to achieve them, now I have discovered that I can trust my intuition and follow my soul

I had done tons of inner work but I couldn´t figure what to do next, till I realized that this could be indeed, the following stage I needed, now I know that this is an amazing tool to explore oneself

I had the feeling that maybe I could help others to discover beauty in their own path but I could hardly imagine the interesting (and striking yet complicated) path I had ahead, now I understand the true meaning of loving what is and I can feel the passion of being connected to one´s life

Now that this circle is ending, and I am close to starting a new one, I feel that my world has spun on its axis in a way that I couldn´t ever imagine. This will not be the end, now I know it´s only the first step of a long journey, but it has been an amazing, rewarding and beautiful step

... the most beautiful first step ever


sarala said...

Congrats on finishing. I have been so removed from blogging that I barely make one or two posts a month much less 365 a year. Good for you.
I hope you find something amazing to work on next.

Introverted Art said...

I have to say I truly admire your strength and dedication... this is a long arduous project and you must be feeling such a sense of accomplishment.

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