DAY 317

the firm knot of time

´ve created this diptych for my August photo-heart connection. Ive used a couple of photos of a series I´ve taken a few weeks ago. I´ve cropped them in order to show just these beads that look like dices and have letters on them instead of numbers

Since I viewed the whole series for the very first time I knew that I felt a great sense of connection, but initially I though that I would chosen a whole photo where there are -apart from the beads- some little shells and a piece of wood polished by sea (see here). However, when I started to view them again, I realized that I felt particularly connected to the beds and the words they are forming

I am a artsy girl, you know, so I´ve always collected stuff that could be eventually part of future creative projects. Often, when I am at home, I take time to look through my drawers and find little treasures that I have been stored along the years. As I have more imagination than time, I think I will never finish all the projects I have in mind. Nevertheless, it´s worth having tons of craft materials because it´s a pleasure to look at them and simply imagine what kind of things could I be making. Sometimes, I even start to play with some items and I create improvised collages that don´t last, just for fun

I have the feeling that this photo is so close to my heart because:

It pays tribute to those little trifles that give me so much joy

It´s linked to my love for craft projects that has been a safety valve since I was a little girl and spent my afternoons drawing

It talks about my great (and endless) love for making collages of any kind, including photo-mosaics

It composes a phrase that is deeply related to my current journey : being kind to ourselves and others is undoubtedly the key of any personal healing process

And last, but not least, it trace a line between past and present revealing my true essence


Introverted Art said...

this photo is very beautiful. Few words that say so much.

Elsie said...

Love the collage and what it tells, thank you for sharing this message.

Cottage and Broome said...

Being kind is always a beautiful sentiment when ever it is used. Love the crafty connection too, also love collages. Laura

Christine E-E said...

I can tell you put a lot of thought into the PHC-August. What's really interesting is that your comment about looking at all your craft materials as being "pleasurable" really hit home for me. I'm not retired, yet I buy & start projects as if I had an enormous amount of free time for pleasure... ha! some day I'll get to using my endless supplies - in the meantime, I TOO will get pleasure from looking & imagining.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

mzjohansen said...

Bless you for following Musing Crow images - I'll return the follow!!

Kathryn Dyche said...

Beautifully expressed, what a great choice. I love what you've shared in this post.

Bo Mackison said...

These beads - and their message - wonderful!

Suzette Rothlisberger said...


This image is as beautiful and wonderful here as when I first saw it on flickr. Your messages and images are always so wonderful! I love that you said your craft projects and art are a safety valve for you. I may understand what you mean. Thank you for commenting on my image as well. Take care!


Kat Sloma said...

A wonderful Photo-Heart Connection! These little beads represent so much for you, and I'm glad you could share the meaning with us. I especially like your words, "it´s a pleasure to look at them and simply imagine what kind of things could I be making." I can think of no better way to describe a "stash" of craft materials!

Cathy H. said...

Lovely photos and lovely thoughts! I also find pleasure in just looking at or holding the simple things I am surrounding with!

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