DAY 316

what´s behind a closed window?

Dreams and secrets


a calm conversation

a moment of celebration

laughs and tears

beautiful furniture and a gloom atmosphere

a book forgotten on a chair

hopes and disappointments


a big lamp and a slow clock


cobwebs and oblivion

provisional quietness

cold feelings and quarrels



affection and cuddles

joy and peace


a tangible stress

a cat dreaming a sweet dream




Who knows? Only the ones which are inside

Facade and inner space don´t have to match or harmonize attractively. This happens with houses, but also with organizations and persons, but we are prone to think just the opposite. Whereas a beautiful windows doesn´t hide always a wonderful room, an apparently perfect family can hide deeply distressing experiences and a good-looking person can have a not very pretty soul

The most important thing in order to heal is not how beautiful things look like from outside, but how the things are inside. The sooner we can accept this, the sooner we will start to move forward. Pretending not to see how things really are, sweetening our life and deceiving ourselves won´t help us in the long term . This doesn´t mean washing our dirty linen in public, so to speak, or being overly dramatic and becoming an egocentric, just being sincere, honest and authentic

This will allow us to appreciate our gifts and learn the invaluable lessons that come from pain and sorrow and also, to move where conciousness dwells


La Dolce Vita said...

I really appreciate your thoughts here. Sometimes, we think that the celebrities and those good looking people have perfect lives and we want to imitate them....it is easy to imitate the outer lifestyle, but what goes on in their inner life, nobody knows...they might have similar problems and issues like ordinary people like us. So,I guess that we have to fight our own battles instead of naively thinking that what looks good on the outside must be good from the inside too.
{ P.S: Love the beautiful window picture. You will be surprised to know that I have captured an almost identical window picture last year !}

La Dolce Vita said...

I want to add something here:
I enjoyed reading your Day 307 post titled "Foreigner". It deeply touched my heart. I loved your narrating style and the theme in that post.
And I loved reading your Day 313 post titled "Celebrate through peacekeeping". Just like you, I too believe in the concept of bowing down or surrendering oneself to the ways of God/Universe instead of "trying" to control my life events too much.
Keep blogging, you inspire me through your deep posts on soul searching !

Cottage and Broome said...

I hope they throw those shutters open and let the world in! Thanks for stopping by, Laura

Anonymous said...

your words are so beautiful that you often leave me speechless. all is said. I'm the one who is honored to share your inner beauty in my blog. have a blessed weekend. xxo

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