DAY 308

reminders of my own purpose

This is a corner of my altar, where I have displayed things that are highly significant to me and convey a message about how I want to live my life. It is made on top of a red table because it suggests the fact that I wanted to feel that I really belong here

In the photo you can see:

Different versions of the Tao Te Ching that remind me that I am in a path which leads me to personal fulfillment. On them, two tiny china bowls, that symbolize the healing power of little things

A wood censer painted by hand that symbolizes serenity. On it, there is an old style nib that evokes creativity

A tree seed. I took it home from the park and it reminds me that I have to stay connected to nature

One of my sisters brought me the blue translucent jar from England as a present twenty years ago or so. She bought it in a street market and always has been with me. Last years it had been stored away but a few months ago I decided to exhibit it here. It talks about the great importance of love, limits and forgiveness

I change some things from time to time because they help me to physically represent those things that I am dealing with in a concrete moment, wishes, dreams and also, achievements. It´s a simple, yet effective, tool to create a visual map of my inner territory and makes me to be more aware of it

I love it, not only because is visually and emotionally appealing, but because it brings infinite chances of awakening to my life

PS: Do you have an altar  or something like that 
at home?  What kind of items do you usually display on it? I would love to hear about it


Anonymous said...

wow! so beautiful Zena. I'm speechless. thank you for sharing so much. so inspiring :)

wishing you a beautiful weekend. I've no doubt it will be. the beauty is in you my dear. xxo

Anonymous said...

only now I saw your tiny questions at the bottom. no I don't have an altar, I paint somethings we could call an altar, where I share with the Universe my dreams and gratitude. right now I've a mandala of my birth. it's like a mirror of my good energy.

GalleryJuana said...

I love how you've collected these beautiful and meaningful daily reminders. I have bulletin board where I put of pics and notes, but I like your alter idea better.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the best that you're doing what you're comfortable with.

I have no displays at my house besides some plant on the window sills.

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