DAY 304

back to normality

The washing machine is working
tons of clothes have been folded
dishes and cups are washed
and the kitchen table is gleaming

My two orchids have been watered
the subtle aroma of lemon detergent and baby´s cologne pervades the air
in the altar a candle twinkles and sends my prayers to universe
and a Japanese incense of rose awaits to be burned

Cushions look soft and fluffy
blinds are pulled down
one kitty is lazing about, having their umpteenth nap after her early breakfast (so bed will be made later on)
and the other is waiting for me in the living room, as usual

I can hear children laughs, they are playing outside
inside I move around like a figure skater, placing things here and there, moving back to appreciate the effect
in the kettle the water is boiling
and a good book is ready to be read

Pain has vanished without a trace
I feel the walls of the house as a big shield
I cut a piece of bran bread
and sigh

Gosh! I guess I am happy


Sandra said...

I love this pussycat sleeping so peacefully on the bed with just a little draping of the sheets!

Sherri B. said...

Your words are so lovely...I can picture the peace and serenity of being in your "safe place" at home. There's no better feeling. Your photo is so sweet, too - what an adorable kitty! :)

Danielle said...

How wonderful to be wrapped in such comforts and to be blessed with happiness. Yay!!

cococita said...

Just found out your blog by reading Ana's Wonderland! It's great to see that you have a 365 project as well. I am now almost at the end of my project, but still have to work on updating my blog as I am a month behind.

Lovely to see your pictures! I will be back soon to have a closer look!

Have a lovely day!

shirley said...

Such contentment on kitty's face. Nothing makes me smile like a stretched out feline! Your words flow like water - capturing your day - they are lovely.

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