DAY 261

I am

o you accept cycles and seasons and appreciate the beauty that every one of them holds? 
Do you accept that branches grow up and roots grow down, and appreciate the function that every one of them perform?

Do you accept that flowers have petals and sepals, calyx and corolla, stamens and pistil and appreciate the way they form a whole with unique identity?

Do you accept the shape of trees and clouds, shells and dragonflies and appreciate their charm?

Do you accept the changes of light throughout the day and appreciate shadows and contrast, colors and darkness, the obverse and reverse of things?

Do you accept that every creature is a miracle its own way a appreciate its contribution to this amazing world where we live in?

Do you accept that no one is here accidentally and appreciate the divine purpose of everything which is created?

Do you trust life and appreciate how every tiny item seems to be placed in the right place?

I do. I truly believe  this is a magnificent universe and every part of it is as  marvelous as the universe is. But even so, from time to time, I find difficult to give myself the same kind of acceptance and appreciation that I give to the world around me

I am now much more nicer to myself, that I used to be but  I still can exclude myself from this virtuous circle and feel an alien in this state of grace. I am prone to forget I am also a living part of this extraordinary creation

But that doesn´t change this simple fact: I am deserving of love. I am beautiful. I am unique. That doesn´t change my real essence. That does not change the true

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pink sheep said...

beautiful post...thoughtful, thought provoking, and so true! thanks! (i love this selfie, as well!)

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