DAY 230

the delicate tautness

Everything created is linked to another creations and creatures by almost invisible threads. Our lives seem to be a constant weave work that allows us to create a subtle web made of hundreds of thin strands which keep us entwined, and pulsating as an only being, either if we are aware of it or not

This is called interdependence, but there is a difference between this concept and dependence or codependence and it is so fine, that sometimes we cross through these concepts without even noticing it

Interdependence is to understand that everything we do has consequences and a profound impact not only on our lives. It is also, being aware of our influence over our context and persons around us and managing it well. But not relying on other for support every single day of our lives, or feeling pushed for others dependence on us

We can´t blame others for all the things that happen to us. We can´t take full responsibility for others happiness, health or welfare, either. If we spend our days only waiting for outer care or caring for others this is going to leave little space for us. And this may create resentfulness and frustration either if we are the needy part or the caregivers. When we drag ourselves through our days in a bad mood we are not able to be at peace so what we share doesn´t come from a tranquil place

If we feel that the threads that join us together are too tense, so tense that they are depriving us of freedom, we will suffer

We will do far more if we achieve a gentle balance between our own needs and needs of other persons and avoid sliding down the slope from generosity to martyrdom or victim mentality. Indeed, that balance is essential and is based on the equal concerns for ourselves and those (persons or things) that are important for us

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Introverted Art said...

Isn't amazing how creation seems to be interconnected, linked with each other? I am always amazed, when looking at things in hindsight, how one event was linked to another, in this chain of events that were so intertwined to one another.

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