DAY 229

looking for homeliness

This week´s theme of the 52 weeks project I am sharing with this group is number 3 with reference to its importance in composition. This is related to the "rule of odds" which states that we should frame the object of interest in the photo with an even number of surrounding objects, because this way it becomes more comforting to the eye.

This made me think about the reason why certain images create a feeling of ease and pleasure and others don´t do it. Of course, is all about composition, but mainly about how images are processed and how they are woven together with our psychological fabric and our social environment, because both can attribute new meanings to what we are looking at

So the way we derive meaning from images are determined by the image itself, and by our perceptual process which helps us to discriminate and understand but also by our own experiences, and who we are. This creates a sort of personal "visual logic" which works to create meaning

This has led me to think of what can happen when we are beholders and creators and the important role that the images we create can have. Indeed, we could use our gift for capturing our reality through photos, to take an obvious example, to create images which could impact our lives and create desired effects regarding self-exploration and personal fulfillment

When we create visual images, we create a language with profound psychological meaning, and even when we consider them to be "neutral", we are dealing with abstract concepts expressed in concrete visual terms that can change us. What could happen if we use it on purpose?

We could heal our emotions, we could grow up and evolve, we could know ourselves much better, we could deepen our connection, we could appreciate better what surrounds us... and so on.

I know it well. After all, this blog -explicitly or implicitly- is about this issue and often I create images that represent what I am searching for


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

I think about this sometimes when a journal page is finished, and I realize that when I started, I didn't know where my page would go...what it would become...but what I needed subconsciously and emotionally, may have created that page.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

So true. As you compose and edit an image the spirit and emotions are also involved. When we look at an image it certainly has the ability to have us "feel" something much deeper even if we aren't specifically aware of it.

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