DAY 231

trapped into the life to which I belong

trapped in the beauty of everydayness, the slow countdown to my final day and the banality of tiny foolish acts

trapped in my current passions and lasting loves, possibilities, chances, daily concerns and regular obsessions 

trapped in the sweet breath of my body, the unspoken words and the days lived

trapped in sacred spaces and trivial delusions, nostalgia and resentfulness

rapped in my bliss

trapped in the margins of old stories, the sides of helplessness and glimpses of pure joy

trapped in hope and the need of desertion, contradictory emotions, expectations and preconceived ideas

trapped in amazement, dull duties, changes and the vast complexity of acceptation

trapped in darkness and the longing for light, the lack of confidence, open hearts and unexpected generosity

trapped in ridiculous dramas and well-grounded sadness, shades of grey and the red color of anger

trapped in my awareness

trapped in the arms of destiny, the mourning for future sorrows and pains and the endless fields of fear

trapped in tragedies and laughs, no prospects, silence and whispered advices

trapped in misunderstandings and well-intentioned lies, dreams and the old known strictness

trapped in my bended – yet not humbled- willpower and words the maybe don´t mean nothing 

...trapped in the freedom to be myself

1 comment:

Ellamama said...

this is lovely. i love the way you layered the flower images on your hand.

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