DAY 150

the friendly rescuer

After staying in my mom´s house, I´ve been so sad... in particular on Monday

I woke up very early that day,  I went to the airport and, after arriving, I went straight to work. I focused on my tasks, I know that I need my whole mind to be effective while I am teaching, but every time I took a tiny break I couldn´t stop thinking of my mother

The following days were not much better: I stayed working from morning to late in the evening, and I came to my house exhausted and not very glad. But every single day this awesome soul was waiting for me, happy to see me no matter if my mood was miserable, if I was absent-minded or I was too tired to play a bit. She followed me around the house purring and looking at me with this patient gaze, that seems to say that I still have to learn a lot. And every single day I felt a lot better after serving her meal, talking to her, listening her answers (yes, I know...) and accepting some cuddles.

She has been doing this for me throughout almost fourteen years. She is so timid and docile that always makes me want to protect her, but she also protects me her way. Indeed, she keeps me safe from the consequences of bad days using her sweet disposition and her placidity. Lucky me!

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