DAY 149

the intervening time 

When days are too busy
and I have a neverending list of things to do

When my students look like absent
and I have the feeling that I can´t do nothing to awake their attention

When the timetable can´t be rearranged to make a break
and every single minute seems to be full with obligations

When I would like to be singing life´s praises
but I have to be dealing with administrative problems which are alien to my work

When the sense of unease calls for a pause
but I have to ignore it because is time to check a new paper

When I would like to be creating something
but I have to be in a long and improductive meetings

When I work madly along the whole day
and I arrive home and have to keep on working

When restlessness competes against serenity
and my mind longs for peace

When I can´t find any motivation in what I am doing
and my soul claims a change

I try to don´t care too much by my lack of contentment: I take a deep breath and I think about the flowers that somewhere are waiting for me

... and this simple act brings back the hope

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