DAY 151

in the kitchen

I wouldn´t say I am a good cook. My mother, some of my sisters and my oldest brother are good cooks, but not me. I can make some nice meals, but nothing too striking... I´ve started too late to practice, so I opt for simplicity, maybe because I think I am not too patient or skilful (even when this is not necessarily true) 

The reason why I started so late (regardless my crazy schedules) is that having a proper meal haven´t been one of my priorities till recently. Indeed, I haven´t started to cook my daily meal on regular basis till a few years ago and even nowadays, sometimes I skip a main meal and have a tiny snack, instead

I try not to do it, and if I do it I try to have something healthy, but for the moment I haven´t managed to keep a real meal routine. So, my strategy is keeping an uncomplicated style. This means: fast traditional Mediterranean plates, that I can do with ease using mainly fresh veggies, olive oil, herbs and spices...

In spite of everything, I find that in my kitchen I experience the quintessence of mindful awakening.

Smells, shapes and colors are amazingly appealing and a feast for the senses and this strengthens the appreciation of beauty

My mind and body are interconnected and present during the process

I am focused on every tiny task, instead of on big achievements and the long term future is out of place. Cooking and eating is something that happens in the now

During the time that I am cutting, sautéing or kneading I also marinate my memories, anger, expectations and any other feelings in order to understand them better

Energy is transformed and is for my own good

My activity leads me to receive nourishment and relish the moment

I serve foods, a bit of love and meanwhile, I recover the best part of me

here: garlic and bay leaves

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