DAY 554

expanding the sense of belonging

"When we see who is really in front of us, when we can glimpse a bit of their “secret history,” we don’t want them to suffer, and our circle of compassion naturally widens to include them"

Tara Brach


Jeanne said...

Yes, this is so so true. As a nurse practitioner, and one who does home visits, I so often hear real life stories of t he people i see, and so many times, fills me with compassion..... and also makes me feel filled with gratitude.

windrock studio said...

Such a very good reminder with these words and a very sweet image.

Unknown said...

photo and the quote match together so well with their delicacy. I love to revisiting your blog. It is a bit like a catching up with you!
Sending big hugs from very windy and rainy North.

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