DAY 516

I am floating and flowing,
I am trembling and I am trusting.

I am fearing and embracing,
I am indentifying my path and I am still struggling.

I am noticing my heart beating at full gallop
and the fast pace of my thoughts
while I make a pause
and observe that all is only noise and movement

I am acknowledging and being aware,
I am doubting and I am accepting.

I am rejecting guidance and praying,
I am bowing down to what is and I am still fearful.

I am sailing the sea of my skepticism
and the vast ocean of detachment
by caressing the old panic
and seeing that I can tame it

I am going adrift and expecting nothing,
I am acquiescent and fierce.

I am feeling the call of wisdom and I am still questioning myself,
I am lost and I am at peace.

Maybe because I am floating and flowing
and surfing my whole process
without issuing a single opinion

...finally living it


Nonnie said...

these things make being a human hard work, yes? well written!

Susan said...

Beautiful words and image, Zena.

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