DAY 365+121

shared nap

I am learning to rest more and make less. This is being a great challenge to me because planning things, assuming responsibilities and achieving goals is the way I assess my merits. As I am writing this, I am realizing that maybe it makes you think I have an hectic schedule that doesn´t allow me to enjoy things, undertake relaxing activities or devote time to myself. And that´s not true. Sure enough, I have a busy schedule but I also manage to keep on with my job, my inner work, develop creative tasks, or having quality time with my family and friends. It is a matter of priorities. 

I usually find time to do everything I am determined to do, even appreciating the ordinary moments. The secret is simple: I don´t do things that I don´t consider important in a given moment and I don´t stop. In fact, I move from one activity to another following an endless program which is not always explicit (it´s in my mind) and includes many levels, areas and tasks and I have not time to get bored.

Don´t get me wrong, I am an inquisitive and introspective person and once I learned that I have to deal with my self-demanding attitude, this never-ending agenda pleases me and gives me a sense of fulfillment.
But even so, I am learning to rest more and make less.

And rest, in this context, means making room for having unplanned moments, moments where I permit myself to be set adrift, following the pace of the day without duties and even without wishes or dreams, without expectations at all. Just listening what life has to tell me, just observing what comes to meet me, the hidden chances… and what is more important, feeling myself and noticing my body and all the sensorial information that I have been ignoring till now.

It is not being that easy. To be honest, it is being tough. However I continue to try it. Let me tell you why:

I find that those “blank moments” -where I don´t check my (real or mental) lists, where I am not concerned about being productive (in de widest and nicest sense of the word), where I only feel challenged to be and breath-  allow all the things I consider sacred to settle down and to be even more present in my life, and this makes me preserve the strength and the focus, feel more grounded and balanced.

So here I am. Learning to rest more and make less. Starting to keep in step with life.


Sandra said...

I love your stripy kitty with his beautiful green eye and debonair whiskers! Interesting too to read your journey and relationship with your life right now! Have a peaceful Sunday!

Jeanne said...

So wise to take out this blank time for yourself. I have a country cabin where I can totally zone out, and it has been a lifesaver for me with my monkey mind.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This is a good lesson for us all - restring more and taking more time for ourselves. I can learn some lessons from this :)

Unknown said...

We all do need a rest and we all need to allow it to happen in our lives. Beautiful post and cute photo Zena, Enjoy practicing of resting. Big hugs to you from wintery scotland.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I am with you on this... it is such a gift we give ourselves, isn't it!

I love the photo of your kitty. Right now I am looking at my cat and dog snuggling up together. So cute. They know how to rest! :~)

Romero_77 said...

Tienes toda la razón, es un proceso muy difícil y laborioso. ¿Qué me vas a contar? :).

Que verdad tan grande, resulta muy complicado romper esos patrones y aprender a hacer menos y descansar más, o dedicar ese tiempo a lo que realmente nos apasiona y nos enriquece como personas.

Pero estamos en el camino...

Un abrazo xoxox

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