DAY 365+112

the day after

And suddenly everything changed once again. Perhaps the rest, or the prayers, or the tears cleared my mind up, but while I am walking, the sun that is shining through the trees seems to be winking at me, greeting me.

I follow its traces, the scattered patches of light and they lead me to the nicest places in the park.  Places where the green leaves, the natural shades and the singing birds seem to be awaiting me.

I breathe deeply and look up and discover the loveliest berries ever.

I feel my heart lighten, and I remember that I don´t need to search for perfection to be happy. Indeed, everything is perfect just as it is.... maybe because everything is (exists) and this should be enough.

I awaken to the day´s unique charm and want to say thanks but a little voice inside me says:

the nicest form of gratitude is to accept the gifts that have been given to you,

to walk through the time that is at your disposal the best you can,
letting go remorses.

Come on, dare to fully live your life now,
dare to embrace the wonder outside you (and inside you) now!,
dare to open your arms and welcome this simple day...

dwell in endless possibilities

PS: This post is related to the previous one. After a few bad days, my sunday morning´s walk with my camera brings me much peace. Why does it take us  so long to do the things that are good to us?


gina said...

Such a lovely image and your wise words that go with it. Letting go of perfection was a big achievement for me, and I am so much happier now.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

They say the pursuit of perfection is the most futile of ventures...lovely words here :)

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful image and such inspiring words...to live now.

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