DAY 365+111

There are days that make you feel that nothing is right
days where everything can go wrong. 

You judge yourself harshly

and find that nothing is like it should be. 

Even the tiniest mistakes become great failures 
and the simplest challenges seem to be unattainable.

Oh, I am afraid of those days that drain my motivation, 
days that convert my emotions into a rough sea. 

I feel like my life doesn´t suit me anymore

and I count my disappointments. 

I consider myself to be the biggest loser on earth 
and take delight in pointing out my weaknesses. 

There are days that come to ruin my mood without a consistent reason,

days in which anguish seizes my heart. 

The colors lose their brightness

and the world turns dull, flat , unappealing. 

Everyone seems to have the correct answers 
and a reason for living except me. 

Dark days that bring back all the pain right on my heart,

days that highlight unfairness 

and the solitude of the vulnerable. 

These are the days that you better take a step back, 

stop cursing, opining, complaining and making decisions, 
light a candle, 
pray to let the distress go 
and go to bed early knowing that darkness won´t last forever. 

And it won´t, believe me, I know it pretty well.


Jeanne said...

Ah yes! such wise advice for those days!!!!

~ Irene ~ said...

I know those days pretty well and don't look forward to them. But they come inevitably. And you're right, those days shall pass so we need not lose hope. ♡

Aga Gasiniak said...

Beautiful and so true words. I am so grateful Zena that I met you in this internet universe and I really do feel sometimes that moment of catching up with your blog is like catching up with somebody who understands so much and feels the same through words, thoughts and images. Thank you

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