DAY 365+92

three. coincident. gazes

Sunset. Summer. Green
Without. A. Care
Rolling. Wandering. Enjoying
White. White. Clothes
Park. City. Heat
Bath.Of. Light
Resting. Awaiting. Exposed
White. White. Water
Movement. Calm. Posture
Experience. Naivety. Time
Pensive. Playful. Observer
Woman. Kid. Me
Exploring.The. World
Loving. The. Moment
Free. Of. Regrets
Without. Any. Shame
Visible. Authentic. True
Stories. Interconnection. Experiences
Glimpses. Of. Eternity

Assignment of "Practice as Creative Muse" online class


Nuha Nasim said...

Ah, wasn't that nice. :)

d smith kaich jones said...

freedom. soft. ahhhh . . .

love this.

rem_la said...

c'est joliment composé

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I really love your writing here and I really want to jump into that water!! :)

Marcie said...

Love this!! So many ways to explore and explain your vision. Beautiful...:-)!

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