DAY 365+93

back to basics 

This is my Photo-Heart Connection of this month. I had selected another photo but while I was editing some photos for an on-line class about how to make creative sketches that I am taking, I felt unexpectedly connected to some of them

I made the photos only to document my working process and I was reluctant to share them out of that context so I resisted to follow my heart but it ended up winning

As they say, heart defies logic. This is not the photo I expected to share, but here it is

You may ask where is the connection here, why my heart dances and applauds when look at it, what makes this better than still lifes, flowers, summer sceneries and the rest of captures of July

Well, that´s what I think:

Drawing was my first creative passion. My first memories of myself represent me as a girl who was always drawing

Till I had 18 or so, I drawed almost every day of my life, mainly using Indian ink. I thought I was meant to be an artist and I wanted to study art, but every time I attempted to take a specific class on this issue, I felt frustrated and missunderstood

When I started my university studies, I opted for the social field and not for the art field, many person advised me to make a pragmatic decision and I thought they were right

I´ve been without drawing properly since 1999 or so, but I´ve continued to develop my creative dimenssion trough making collages, restoring furniture, taking photos and any kind of crafts you can image

I don´t know if the academic perspective of art, my need to please others, my perfectionism and great expectations and the feel that I was not good enough created this situation, but by taking this class I have given myself permission to explore my ability without pressures and I am feeling the same bliss that I experienced as a kid. And my heart dances and applauds!.

The class involves several assignments which are interesting, very inspiring and liberating. This photo is partial capture of one of the first pages I have created. We have to play with paints or ink freely, creating casual patterns and then we could use it to draw or write

I selected this fragment because of the phrase I found there (which I didn´t even remember writing it): surrender yourself to your destiny


Cindy Swainson said...

Very interesting post...I too started with drawing - as a young child. I can draw just about anything...as long as it will sit still for me. I seem to have abandoned it in favor of 'mixed media' stuff and photography.

What is the name of the class you are taking?


Diane said...

this is lovely, especially how your heart told you to share this. your story of reconnecting to drawing is beautiful.

Kara said...

Love the story with the drawing. the heart pulls us to things and often we don't understand why until we are in the middle of it.

Cathy H. said...

I know your heart is thrilled that you're once again drawing. Glad you went with your heart on choosing this photo, it's a beautiful photo-heart connection!

seabluelee said...

I can feel your heart connection to this photo. I'm so glad for you that you've rediscovered your passion for drawing. It obviously brings you so much joy. I hope you never give it up again!

Carola Bartz said...

Surrender yourself to your destiny... Oh, I like that.
What you write makes the connection perfectly clear and I can see how much your heart is in there. Beautiful.

Marcie said...

Love the possibility of 'surrender'....especially when it includes 'destiny'. And what a beautiful story of your 'becoming' and 'connecting' to your creative self.

Ginny said...

This is a beautiful post and photo-heart connection. Reconnecting to something we love without pressure sounds perfect to me. Enjoy every minute.

Kat Sloma said...

An amazing Photo-Heart Connection! Your heart knows what you need, that's why we have to let it lead in our choices for this practice instead of letting our brains get in the way. And your heart is leading you to art, a return to drawing and your essential self. I often think that as we are searching for our authentic selves in our adult life, we discover it was all there when we were a child. We just have to cut away the excess that was piled on by expectations from parents and teachers and society as a whole. Thank you for going with your heart this month!

Aga Gasiniak said...

dear Zena, I have been waiting about 23 years to start drawing and another 6 to start painting. So it is never too late. I know that. I really like your ink page, stay creative and keep drawing.

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