DAY 365+91

the fruits ahead 

After some struggles -and some recent discouragement- my inner work is leading me to a new point. It is not related to new finds or any kind of discoveries but to the feeling that now I am ready to radically change my behavior. I am not talking about my mind frames or how I look at the world or even my attitudes which have been gradually changing along these years, but about my behaviors, the way I act, the way I make decisions

My journey has unfolded through tiny (yet forceful) revelations that have given me a vision that I didn´t even know that could exist. But becoming aware of another reality beyond what I used to call reality hasn´t altered my way of acting all of a sudden

In fact, my inner work (which is all about paying attention to what happen around me and inside me using different tools) hasn´t lead me to act consequently all the time. Often I have felt that I couldn´t translate all the knowledge and inner wisdom into the right actions. These contradictions have mortified me but I have persevered and  it seems that I am reaching a new level of coherence

From some time now (two weeks or so) I am having the feeling that my behavior is pervaded with all those tiny revelations. Also that my mind, my emotions, my body and my inner being are finally coming to a point of agreement and pacific coexistence... maybe because I can keep my practice no matter what happens around

You may guess what kind of revelations I am talking about... well, revelations like these:

I am not alone

The more I expect, the more I suffer . The more preconceived ideas I have, the more difficult I find acceptance. And acceptance is the gateway to serenity

Intentions without actions are useless. But acting demands often going with the flow

Perfection is a deception. I don´t need to control anything (nor fix anything). I simply can let things happen and let life unfolds freely

Harsh criticism and self-criticism are dangerous. We are all gifted someway. Comparisons are useless. Kindness empowers.

There is something eternal and amazingly wise inside me, that is indeed my true self. And is important to trust the inner voice that talk me about that side of my existence

When I bow down to my destiny, I start to get what I want even without having a clear plan. Things just happen

My story is important but my wounds can´t be a excuse to stop evolving. Drama only brings me to a dead end

I can say yes to others and yes to myself. My priorities and wishes are also important. I can attract the right circumstances in order to realize them

When I feel compassion I connect myself to the whole creation. Pleasing others is not the way to fulfillment, but service is the way to enlightenment

Regardless of what happen around me, I can always be back to my center... 

a place where calm dwells


Barbara Schwartz said...

Sounds like you've been on a long trip home, to yourself, and are finding yourself there as you arrive back, wiser, older, more grateful for your journey which of course you had to do. Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Wise words here. I love your list of revelations. (from Marcie's "Practice..." on facebook. But I have also been subscribed to your blog for a few months - I have found you very inspirational).

Caroline Grant said...

Very wise realizations... and the key to not falling ill again or, at least, manage an illness like depression...

Nonnie said...

1st- magnificent macro!
2nd- If I am reading the crux of your post correctly, one should see only today to attain any sense of calmness and acceptance. Some years ago I went to Adult Children of Alcoholics. The main mantra is "One day at a time." I try to live that.

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