DAY 365+90

"In humility is the greatest freedom.

As long as you have to defend the imaginary self
that you think is important, you lose your peace of heart.
As soon as you compare that shadow
with the shadows of other people, you lose all joy,
because you have begun to trade in unrealities
and there is no joy in things that do not exist."

Thomas Merton

Please follow this link to read my contribution to Vison and Verb past Sunday  

Many other women share their passion for creativity and words there, please visit us, it is a wonderful site

There you will find also a Card Shoppe. For every greeting card sold, the profit will accrue in allotments of $25 each to be given as loans to men and women around the world who are starting their own businesses. We have chosen the non-profit organization KIVA as the conduit for our giving back

You can send a love note to a friend and make a difference in the world


Jeanne said...

Love your photo and quote! Will definitely check out your vision and verb contribution. A very enjoyable post as always!

Introverted Art said...

sounds like a great site Zena... I have been reading Gandhi's autobiography... humility reminded me of him.

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