DAY 365+70

when life calls for something more than taxonomy 

I´d be
en yearning for taking some photos in the forest for a while now, but for some reason or another I didn´t do it  till past Sunday

I arrived there and went deep into intricate scenery and walk slowly following winding (and almost invisible) paths. The light was hazy, filtered through the leaves above, and was creating stunning patterns that often seemed pieces of filigree. But what really caught my eye were the lichens developed on the surfaces of branches and trunks. They were growing anarchical here and there, silently conquering the superficies of the trees, tenaciously, showing their unusual and peculiar charm

While I was walking I was trying to discern what I knew about these amazing creatures, but I only could remember that they are formed by the symbiotic association of a fungus and an alga. I wondered why I couldn´t remember why algae can be found  in moist ground and not only in salty water  and many other things, but I had not answer

I was there, surrounding by trees, trying to go through my memories, and then, their beauty brought about a miracle: the temporary cessation of mind´s opinions and judgments. I forgot that I was concerned by the nature of lichens and I was overcome with joy after starting to look thoroughly what was outside and abandoning the confusing passages of my thoughts

Little by little I started to keep in step with the peaceful energy that was carried gently on the air. And I felt, once again, how easy is to conform to our own inner nature (to be centered) when we are focused on the now

All my life I have wanted to know more about things, to understand why they occur. I have had the desire to categorize them, the desire to find some order

All my life I have thought that recognizing things, naming them, would help me to face up reality in a better way. All my life I have believed that studying in depth roots, causes, reasons, components... would help me to take them apart, to understand the influence of some events on me and even to bring up the circle of pain

All my life I have defended that change and appreciation comes from knowledge

But since I have started this journey I have realized that this is only true at some level 

Sometimes, knowledge doesn´t make any difference

Sometimes, our wish for understanding makes some attitudes (like forgiveness or gratitude) much more difficult

Sometimes, even when it can provide us with significant information, what matters is what we are going to do with it, how we are going to manage it to increase our consciousness. Knowledge itself is useless in order to have a more fulfilled life

Even when my analytic side is reluctant to write this, I have to admit that there is a wisdom inside me that doesn´t come from the logical reasoning of my mind, maybe because this is only one of the ways to deal with my experience here 

Maybe because there are many more ways to do it

I can think about it, of course. I can analyze it and I can unravel it. But I also can explore it, deconstruct it, enjoy it. I can co-create it, accept it, bless it, embrace it. I can appreciate it

...I can -even- simply live it


koralee said...

Lovely images and though provoking words....thank you for this today.
Love your blog and thank you for visiting me the other day. Hope your weekend is filled with many blessings.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Beautiful images and a lovely walk.

Jeanne said...

lovely shots and it is so good to just ENJOY and see the beauty, often beauty that cannot be explained

Cathy H. said...

Lovely images and words! Lichen is one of my favorite things to photography when I'm walking in the woods. Every time I enter the woods there is such a peace that comes over me. It's one place that I can just "be."

Introverted Art said...

I love these photos. I can even feel the warmth of the sun...

Wifsie said...

I've walked your walk, my friend. Peace comes when, beyond what we yearn to know, we surrender to the Mystery of it all. Beautiful post, beautiful journey. ♥

Jennifer Richardson said...

beautiful forest trek
and I totally enjoy your musing;
we can't disect a living thing.
so much just has to be heard and felt in the heart, doesn't it.
peace to you in your forest journey,

morning prayer blog said...

Our clever busy minds run interference between us and wonder. I'm glad for bits of time you were overcome by the forest's peace and understood only through mindlessness could you truly appreciate it on a deep internal level.

Unknown said...

'Sometimes, knowledge doesn´t make any difference' so true Zena. Beautiful photos. Beautiful walk. Tahnk you for sharing

Unknown said...

Truly wise words, Zena. I needed to hear them. And I love your moss images.


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