DAY 365+71

when life hurts

Sometimes, the only thing we can do is try to remember that light will shine again
try to hold this hope with our tired (and wounded) heart that wants to give up
try to trust life, even when it is unfair and violent, and makes us doubt about our own common sense
try to keep the faith in human beings (in ourselves) even when we feel betrayed
try to hold back our -often justified- anger and pray to be saved from our own fire
try to calm down and let go bitterness, ire, sadness and act as if life were not so confused and turbulent 

Sometimes, the only thing we can do is try to look for that little ounce of peace inside us 

try to cultivate joy, even when our mood is dark and acrimony is in the air 
try to stop resentment and forgive or at least, forget (or vice versa) 
try to counteract frustration with acceptance, disappointment with humbleness 
try to calm down and focus -once again- on life little gifts 

Sometimes, the only thing we can do is abandon expectations (even when deep inside we have always thought that we know what we want, what we deserve) 
and surrender to what is happening even when it hurts (more if it hurts) 
and renounce control and embrace acquiescence 
and bow down to reality again and again 

Sometimes, the only thing we can do is remember that buds will bloom someday again 
and trust that meanwhile, we´ll learn to appreciate the beauty of bare branches and fallen petals 

And we shall learn, no doubt, we´ll do it. Because this is a path meant to open our eyes. This is a path that will force us to get real. This is a path that will teach us how to deal with pain. This is a path that will unravel the beauty of simple days as they are 

...this is the path that is leading me to discover bliss amid chaos 


Jeanne said...

I have always loved my gratitude journal and it always helps me to see beauty, even when things are very difficult

Unknown said...

I hope you are shining Zena. Thank you for beautiful and wise thoughts. much love to you.

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