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When I first saw this photo I didn´t think of publishing it. Maybe because when we take a photo of a butterfly we want to capture its awesome -yet ephemeral- beauty, as it is the archetype of grace and we are not looking for the real living creature behind it

 But the more I thought of it, the more I felt the urge to publish it. While I was editing it, I realized that this image -the capture itself and what it conveyed- somehow illustrated some of the finds  that are helping me to live much more peacefully. Here are some of them:  

We are all damaged. Some way or another we all carry some pain, disappointments, failures. But there is so much beauty and light in us that if we learn to focus on them we can keep on being marvelous creatures

Many of us have the sense that we have to fly with broken wings. It can be true but this doesn´t make us less competent; n the contrary, what we have overcame, makes us stronger and wiser

From time to time we have the sense that we won´t be able to meet the challenges, so we decide not to try it, but even a short flight is better to stay at home, feeling sorry for ourselves

We can feel ashamed, we can feel like the proverbial ugly ducky, but when we go outside we discover that there are many kindred spirit waiting for us, people from our own
tribe, who are ready to embrace us regardless of our wounds

We can be concerned by what other people think about us, but there are tons of wonderful flowers and sun rays to enjoy, many adventures to live, many roads to walk, so we can´t live pleasing others. At the end of the day the more important thing is if we have pleased ourselves

We can think we are not beautiful enough, but when we cultivate passion, joy and authenticity, charm comes alone. We can think we are not good enough but when we say
yes to ourselves, we find acceptance (and love) everywhere

We can be angry with ourselves and the whole universe. But believe me, this doesn´t make us any good. When we let our hearts go to us, and are able to feel compassion and see this existence as an opportunity to bloom (not a suffering trip) we start to really appreciate our journeys

We can take pleasure in the past, but remember, while we are doing that minutes are withering, days are fading away, dreams die 

We can despise ourselves, but if we respect ourselves instead, if we become aware of our uniqueness and we opt for visibility we will end up admitting that we are more alluring, clever, courageous and interesting than we had imagined. We will end up admitting that we are perfect as we are

... and we will realize that life is indeed wonderful

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The Artful Diva said...

I have never been lucky enough to have a camera with me when butterflies are around - I will just enjoy your good fortune!

Lissa Forbes said...

I love your butterfly capture and am so glad you chose to post it with your contemplations ... Quite thoughtful and provoking ... I love how you liken the challenges we humans experience to the butterfly emerging ... a difficult journey, but well worth doing in the end. Thanks for sharing in Walk and Click Wednesdays!!

Unknown said...

I am sharing this with my daughter, who needs to hear this...and who has long loved butterflies for their beauty and their symbolism. Thank you for this.


She Who Doodles said...

a beautiful photo, a beautiful post.

Cathy H. said...

Beautiful image and such wonderful thoughts!

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