DAY 365+31

seven letters, 365 days

I find really captivating choosing one word for the year. Indeed I´ve been doing such thing along the past six years or so and I´ve loved the results. Even when I write also some resolutions, having a word is wonderful because it works like a filter through which I can analyze the experiences of the year or make some of them come to light 

My word for 2013 is respect

This year I want my relationships with others living beings, with myself and with my context to be much more
respectful in a balanced sense of the word

I´ll try not to criticize or censure others behaviors and I am not going to bring them out of the consequences of their acts. I´ll let them live their own process

I´ll try to consider others diversity, without giving up my own difference

I´ll show an attitude of esteem towards others feelings, but without forgetting my own sentiments

I´ll try not to permit any behavior that enables abuse to continues in my family or my work, not by changing others,  but by changing myself and my levels of tolerance

I´ll set steady and healthy boundaries 

I´ll  honor my own needs, my own perspectives, my own wishes and dreams. I am not going to pass them over, because I am too busy taking care of any other person, except of me 

I´ll  honor my own truth. I am not going to hide it or sweetened it because I yearn for others approval. Indeed, I am not going to look for it anymore

I´ll  pay proper attention to what happens around me and inside me: I´ll try to stay connected to nature cycles, hear universe messages, be kind to my body, stay true to my values and follow my soul´s call

I´ll try not to permit anything that could damage my self-confidence in any way and I´ll cultivate self-respect

Note: This is the final installment of my self portrait challenge, 48 selfies over 12 months. I will talk about this journey soon. If you want to see them all follow this link


Anonymous said...

Hi Zena, I like your word, respect, too. Especially when it comes to respecting one's self! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good Luck with your 365 project.

Donna Heber said...

I just joined in on the One Word 2013 blog hop. I'm visiting from Create With Joy. You have picked a fantastic word to guide you into the new year! My word for 2013 is 'Embrace'. I hope you will stop by for a visit.

Jennifer Richardson said...

respect....that is a beautiful word!
i love the brilliance of your blog
and how nourishing to my heart
....like a shot of B-12 to my soul.
Thanks for the energy and peace,

Sofia said...

Respect is a great word for the New Year, so as your message!

Jon Stolpe said...

Epiphany is my word for 2013. I'm excited to see God revealed in new ways in the coming year.

Rita said...

Wonderful, wonderful word!! :)

Unknown said...

Dear Zena. What a beautiful statement you put. And it is so true that we only are able to change ourselves but we cannot change others. Beautiful portrait as well.

Create With Joy said...

Dear Zena

Thank you for joining us at the One Word Blog Hop at Create With Joy! I LOVE your word, your post, your writing/photography, your blog!

I have featured you this week at Inspire Me Monday. I hope you'll continue to share creativity with us at our weekly parties. I SO look forward to getting to know you!

Create With Joy

Marla Martenson said...

Beautiful blog! Thanks for this wonderful post, so inspiring. I am visiting from Katherine's Corner.

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