DAY 365+21

Sometimes I forget what I have experienced,
the world I live in and I still hope for what I believe are the right things

I am not awaiting for great deeds, I am not looking for global peace or the extinction of violence although I dream of them, I am realistic. I am talking about those little steps that we can take in order to get closer to them 

I still hope for a single smile when glances are exchanged

I still hope for tiny gestures of thankfulness or acknowledgement

I still hope for kindness

I still hope for tender hugs

I still hope for gentle touches

I still hope for warm words

and for beauty and radiance and joy and authenticity

I still hope for devotion and reverence

I still hope for inspiration

I still for hope arms wide open

I still hope for goodwill

and for intelligence, and generosity, and empathy and a sense of connection

I still hope for good sense and character

I still hope for calm and cooperation

I still hope for some new healing moments every day

But I don´t hope for them to be only aimed at me, but at every single person in this small planet

You may say it can be disappointing, often it has been so. In particular, when I hoped for them in the wrong places.  But, generally speaking,  my hopes have proved not to be baseless: I´ve  found tons of gentleness, gratitude, benevolence, cheerfulness and inventiveness in this life of mine. I only have had  to look in the right direction

  Maybe that´s why I still hope... I still hope for more

and this is not a condemnation, it´s my everyday worship


Anonymous said...

what a deep and thoughtful post. Sorry to hear about your struggles. wish the new year brings some relief!

Sofia said...

This is so beautiful and poetic.

Loredana Donovan said...

Happy holidays, Zena. Hope 2013 brings you peace and serenity :)

La La Land said...

I agree with you.
World peace seems such an impossible goal, especially, in the current scenario. Yet, I am hopeful that it begins with every individual at every home with the smallest of steps, each day of our life. If we indulge in daily acts of love -even in small measures with our own selves-by appreciating our small efforts and finding joy in simple things..I feel that is enough. If everybody is peaceful within, then world peace will happen immediately.
So, I agree with you, everyday, our goal should be to find that peace, those moments that heal us.
Take care,

Introverted Art said...

oh Zena, I wish to wash away the pain that takes over you. I think a soul that searches is a soul that grows and flourishes.

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