DAY 365+20

my path (revisited)

I have talked so much about this issue here. I don´t know how many posts I have written about it or how many photos  where I had captured this metaphor someway 
are published

I should get tired of it, but I am not. In fact,  I am fascinated by this idea. Not because it´s new or unique, but because it´s so illuminating. From this perspective, my life´s aim changes completely and that´s why I find it so appealing 

I love to think of me as a person who is exploring rather than suffering

learning things instead of bearing them

discovering new territories and not closing them down

appreciating what is around me

moving forward

taking new steps




trusting my feet and my heart and going where they lead me

changing as soon as  the inner and outer landscape starts to do it 

 through stages and cycles with the eyes wide open, without rejecting any experience that comes to meet me  

cultivating self-knowledge and serenity while I walk

flowing in the flood of time

awakening to the miracle of being here

relinquishing to the victim mentality

giving up preconceived ideas and expectations

welcoming every second, every emotion

letting go the old sufferings, keeping only the wisdom they brought

connecting to the pace of every new day

feeling adventurous 

feeling amazed 

feeling at peace 

...feeling like a student the eventually will turn into a master in the art of living


Jeanne said...

Very wise thoughts! and so needed in our lives. Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Sandra Van Nocker said...

<3 this..."letting go the old sufferings, keeping only the wisdom they brought"!

betty-NZ said...

If only more people would choose to think on the positive rather than the negative, this world would be so much nicer. Great post.

Simon said...

Beautiful images, but even more so beautiful thoughts. I am not yet able to embrace all of those, but I did put the word "yet" into my sentence. There is room to grow.
Happy NY to you.

urban muser said...

beautiful post. happy 2013, and thanks for linking up!

gina said...

What a wonderful post! "Awakening to the miracle of being here" YES! I share most of these feelings and strive to keep a positive attitude, but sometimes it's really hard. Thanks for helping me refocus.

seabluelee said...

Poignant images and wonderful thoughts to meditate upon in entering the new year. Wishing you joy as you continue on your path.

GalleryJuana said...

Beautiful post. Your words always get me thinking.
"exploring rather than suffering" is my favorite phrase.
The photos go perfectly with your words too.

Sandra said...

"Feeling adventurous" these are the words that speak to me the most... they're so invigorating and lead us to pastures new!
Congratulations for your self-portrait journey!

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