DAY 365+19

back to calm

After the inner (and outer) storms that have recently brought pain and downheartedness to my little world, my negative attitude seems to be increasing: e
ven when I am feeling less discouraged that weeks ago, I feel that I am paying more and more attention to the signs of hate, insanity and injustice and little by little I am forgetting to look on the bright side of life

Of course, there reasons to do it: life circumstances can be hard sometimes and every time I watch the news I only find new justifications for my attitude. But to be honest, this is not doing me any good. On the contrary, this is making me experience a sense of hopeless and a lack of direction

Hope is one of the most important tools we have to face the future and be confident about it, the only way we can counterbalance the bad things and stay positive. But hope is not something instinctive to many of us, it must be consciously cultivated

As for me hope comes from the appreciation of little things. This blog is also about that. It´s not only about finding my inner voice by exploring damaged territories and wounds that still hurt. It´s also about finding the beauty in unexpected places, it´s about keeping the inspiration...

Today I´ve decided to commit to focus on that side of my journey a little bit more, I so desperately need it!

So here I am, trying to pick up the thread of hope once again trough the tiny patches of grace, kindness and respect that I find along my path. They are the irrefutable proof that good things also happen

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Aga Gasiniak said...

Dear Zena. I truly hope you feel better now. I will share sth with you which helped me a few days ago. I read that every problem has a solution. All experiences are opportunity to learn and grow...Sending you lots of warming thoughts. Love to you

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