DAY 365+10

My tree

I took these photos a weeks ago, when the rains started. I opened my window and tried to capture the droplets that were hanging from the branches of the tree in front of my house. It was the first time I could see so many bare branches, I had noticed that leaves had been falling all week long and I was a bit surprised at this fact, because I knew Indian laurel is an evergreen tree, but I thought it was something temporary... but it was not

The following weeks leaves kept on falling, till no one remained. Every morning I looked through the window and I only saw the silvery branches that were becoming more and more brittle every single day. Birds didn´t land there anymore, and I missed them so much!. However I thought it would become green again one day. But past Thursday, early in the morning the garden services of the city council came and cut it down. It was a nine meters tall tree, so it was an arduous task but even so, it only took them a couple of hours

I was such an amazing living being!, an adult couldn´t embrace its trunk and should be quite old. While they were cutting the branches I was crying, not only due to its death and my loss, but because I longing a sort of reverence from the gardeners... but they were acting like they were developing a common procedure. The tree wasn´t alive yet, it´s true but it´s greatness could still be perceived

I left home when they were finishing their work and I could smell the aroma of the wood and saw some neighbors around whose gaze expressed the same consternation. And suddenly I remembered being sat down in the little park in front my house with my mom twelve years ago or so looking at that tree and trying to guess its age. At a given moment my mom told me: wouldn´t be wonderful to live here?...

I worked all day long but I couldn´t stop thinking about the tree, I was so deeply sad... when I arrived home that night I saw the stump alone and it was heartbreaking. Next days I felt the same way, but this morning I thought it was time to change my mind. I am developing a gratitude project this month so I imagined the wise spirit of the tree leaving its wooden cuirasses and returning to the energy core from we all come from

It was bearing all the good things that happened to it when it was here: children laughs and bird nests, cooing and trills, rain and sun rays

... the hopes of a younger version of myself answering my mom: yes, it would be wonderful, but it´s not easy, see there are only a few buildings, but who knows 

and all the love we have shared here

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Introverted Art said...

Zena, this is an amazing photo... such a beautiful story. Whoever has had a chance to hug a tree trunk knows there is life, energy, pulsating inside them.

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