DAY 365+9


This is what I would have found if I would had gone to have a walk with my camera this weekend. But I stayed at home instead. I had tons of things to do here. After I finished my 365 days project I have realized that I had used most of my free time working with my photos and I had neglected my craft projects, home organization and so on. So now I am catching up with those things and I am enjoying them a lot. But I am also discovering how much I love to wander looking for a good photo 

hen the 365 days project ended I wanted to have a sort of holidays because I need to make room for another kind of tasks and also for new ideas about photography itself, but I was afraid I could be absorbed by life obligations once the challenge disappeared. I think real transcendence of my love for photography went unnoticed then, due to my need to have a pause 

Last month I´ve been taking photos at my own pace, I thought it all came down to being balanced, but let me say you that I am not so happy as I used to be when I was much more involved in it. And I am not talking just from an artistic perspective, this is not only about the aesthetic dimension of it, (that is quite rewarding, by the way). It´s also about its emotional and spiritual dimension 

So even when latest weeks I´ve being happy leaving my camera a bit aside, because I needed that time for making another kind of things, I am also looking forward to keep up with photo explorations and also to start another project focusing on photography, because I feel that, somehow, it is a very important part of my personal path 

I haven´t had the peace of mind enough to develop my ideas properly: my family situation with my mom and my brother is still complicated and energy consuming, but I know it´s time to focus on this and come up with something new. Perfectionist as I am, I want to have everything clear before starting anything, but maybe I wouldn´t  think so much  in this concrete moment of my life, because,  above all, I need the "therapeutic" effect of something new related to photography to clear my head 

To be honest, I am almost overwhelmed by my life circumstances and I need a sort of sanity preserver that has to be strong enough to make me move forward. Of course, I have meditation, other forms of creativity, prayers and my ability for connection with universe guidance

But photography provides me with an extra motivation, and an amazing way to observe, contemplate, understand and appreciate. Indeed, through my photos I have learnt to deal with my sentiments, to find out those things that are important in my life and I have got in touch with my inner self in a way that I wouldn´t have imagined possible

This is such a powerful tool of expression!, I can hardly believe that I haven´t discovered it before


Introverted Art said...

Zena, you did well. These photos are amazing! I think images can be very powerful too...

Anonymous said...

so happy you found a path through photography. I was reading you and thinking your hubby must be one of your guardian angels since it was he who gave you your first camera. can't wait for your new project :) xxo

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