DAY 350


After the last weeks of frights, shocks and challenges and the busy days trying to catch up with my academic tasks, my classes and seminars with my students, I´ve
started to feel moments of sudden joy. Pure, boundless and mysterious joy that takes me by surprise when I less expect it

During those moments I discover myself thinking about how lucky I am and feel amazed by all the gifts I have personally received. These moments  are not rational or justified, on the contrary, they are like brief sparks of clear light, and don´t come from my mind or from my heart but from a much more deeper and balanced place, which is not a place of ego, but a place of gratitude, a place where I can love myself fully

Along the days I have discovered that they are allowing me to count my blessings in a way that I had never done before, from a more honest viewpoint, because it´s related to my own talents and powers, about what makes me remarkable, and not about what surrounds me

This new attitude is an u-turn in my life because brings thankfulness to a new level, is subtle and precious (and not conceited) and makes me acknowledge my own attributes

It seems a bit strange (and even awkward)  to be blogging about them, but here it goes. These are my gifts: 

creative, curious, always learning

conscious, willing to be authentic, deeply connected to my inner wisdom

grateful, gentle and respectful

hard worker, intuitive, fully open to the universe messages

learning to be flexible and spontaneous, aware of the great importance of acceptance

proactive, realistic (I try to see things as they are), willing to make decisions and to solve problems


still learning to be visible

fierce advocate of self-knowledge as a way to growth (I see this life as a learning & healing process)

discoverer of healing moments that can change life and able to make them evident through images and texts

honest, responsible, able to keep the calm

willing to forgive (but finally aware of my own boundaries) and courageous (regardless my fears)

lover of everydayness (I truly believe that daily simple things have the power to awakening us)

believer in love, hope, peace and clarity

intelligent, always willing to challenge myself, not afraid to feel vulnerable

elegant and handsome (I can be attractive even when I am not conventionally pretty)

meticulous, lover of silence, able to see connections between things

spiritual seeker that loves to share her finds

still doing my inner work and enjoying the process

lover of words (I read and write almost every day since I can remember)

teacher, not only because it´s my profession, but because it´s my vocation.

I see beauty everywhere, in particular, in my own path and I am able to help others to discover this beauty

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Allyssa said...

Those are some great gifts to possess! I think listing one's gifts is a great idea. It really gives you an opportunity to reflect on yourself and shows you just how much you bring to this world. I may have to try this myself one day!

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