DAY 339

taking one step forward

I have left my mom´s house

I have left the well known routines and habits and all the things that are so dear to me, the little details that characterize our everyday life, either the way we prepare and serve our meals or the way we make beds

And also the plants in their pots (poinsettia is flowering again!) and all the things that prove the presence of my mom in the house: the smell of baby cologne, table clothes, handmade courtains, cushions and bedspreads, many of them with big silk bows; old cards and photos everywhere, antique books and china objects... tiny mementos of a whole life

She has managed to leave her mark all around and where other people could see anachronic customs or worthless trifles, I only see love, dedication and intention

Things won´t be as they used to be anymore, as my mom is much more needy than before. I will miss the existence we had. I will miss be back and stay alone with my mom and my brother and develop the way of life we have shared for so long

However, I am quite happy. They are living a better life now 
at their own house (in fact, the life they deserve) and hopefully the ladies that are looking after them will appreciate what my mother has created and will keep the spirit of our home

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geetlee said...

The first step is always the hardest. It gets better by and by.

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