DAY 340

back to my place

When I edited this photo I was thinking of writing a different caption, something like back to my life or back to my home, but finally I decided they were not accurate enough because looking after my mom is not an adjacent task, something apart from the rest of my life, and at her house I feel at home

I think the current caption describes much better my circumstances and illustrates my situation on a more precise way because indeed, this is my place 

This is sure enough, the site from where I develop my goals and project myself; the site where I seek shelter and my hideout; the site where I have collected the evidences of my journey and where I find the right atmosphere to do all the things I love so deeply: pray, meditate, create, enjoy silence, update my inner work, read and study, write down my musings and so on. 
In short, this is the site where I elaborate and process my external experiences and I also prepare myself for the outside battles

Regardless its functions, this is not a hermetic place, it is not insulated, nor protected from outside influences... on the contrary, it is quite open and permeable. It is enriched with all the things I bring from the outer world but works as a sort of sieve that allows me to separate coarser from finer energies... this is the reason why this is my place: because here I can keep up with my inner path

Here I´ve been able to integrate my recent experiences and feel uplifted, in exchange for it, I have brought the following:

A sense of fulfillment and self-realization

Joy coming from the achievement of some goals that had been long time postponed

Peace and tranquility

A fresh impetus oriented to new initiatives


Detachment related to some old stories

New perception of me, I trust myself more than ever before

Awareness of my real strength

Confidence in the future

A strong feeling that something good is about to happen

I know intuitively that a circle is closing and here, from my place, I can see glimpses of a more authentic, serene and enlightened stage

PS: I am behind with my blog due to my life circumstances. I am transcribing my impressions of previous days in order to catch up with my posts

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Loredana Donovan said...

I love your photo and post. Looks like a comfortable couch with pretty pillows, and the heart charm is lovely. As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is :)

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