DAY 333

response to sorrow

... Too sad (worried, angry, disappointed... you name it) to keep on walking?. 
Don´t try to reason why this or that is happening. Stop and go with the flow 

This is maybe the hardest lesson I have had to learn, I so much wanted life to be as I expected. I´ve been most of my life making forceful efforts to change whatever could happen, I had always a better plan... that´s why along many years I´ve made my way with so much difficulty. I was simply disowning my own process, including the gifts that this life of mine holds and creating a sense of depersonalization and loss of identity in which my true self seemed unreal

But now I know that there are many circumstances that I can not control. Indeed, life unfolds freely without my permission so the only thing I can do is accept and act consequently

I have understood that I don´t have to fight to get free, I only have to live life as it is, without judging it, and this has been the liberation that I had been searching for so long

Now I truly believe that life is generous and gives me what I need to learn my lessons and evolve if I don´t reject what it offers me. And instead, I live consciously

Of course, this is not always easy but the circumstances I am currently living  (see previous posts) are proving me that I have finally internalized this way of thinking. Regardless, what hard this time can be, I am fully accepting it 

PS: I am behind with my blog due to my life circumstances. I am transcribing my impressions of previous days in order to catch up with my posts


Introverted Art said...

Someone once told me sadness, sorrow were like cars passing by on a busy road. We could choose to take a ride and even stay for a bit, but we can always get off of it.

S said...

Although I haven't read your earlier posts, { I will try to read them as soon as possible } I can only tell you that the greatest lesson I have learned about my life is the necessity to detach myself from everything. I am a highly emotional person and I cannot detach myself from situations and people easily. But that was ruining my life-i.e. unable to detach.
Now, I just take out painful memories/hurtful persons/situations from my mind out and try to pamper myself. I have to tell you about an incident :
I have a cousin sister who was nursing her ailing mother- in -law in the hospital. But that took a toll on her own mental and physical health. One day, she took her laptop to the hospital room { where her mom- in- law stayed} and started writing a blog there. First she couldn't write anything...she was numb...then she realized that this numbness was caused because she was too much into the situation. So, she thought of her life in depth and came out with some interesting stories she wanted to share with others.
From then on, everyday, she posted something in her blog {from that hospital room} but her blog posts were unrelated to the condition she or her mom -in -law was into. She wrote about what excited her, for example, fashion,food,her travel stories...and also about what she wants to do in the future..like opening a restaurant, painting her room green, ....
This was her way of getting detached and getting out of the situation...the people in the hospital found it strange that she bought a laptop to the patient's room...but she kept on writing.

Allyssa said...

Such beautiful words. Unfortunately we can't control life, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Things happen and at the time seem horrible, but looking back you realize they taught you something.

shirley said...

Such true words. Such a beautiful post. Sending good thoughts, prayers and cyber hugs.

Anonymous said...

i hope you're feeling much better today!

john said...

wow, what a powerful capture. thanks for visiting my blog which allowed to discover yours. I particularly like you portrait work.

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