DAY 312

the find

I go for a long walk several times a week. Most of the times, I go to the park near my house and carry the camera with me, even when I am going out late and the light is not as good as it should be, just in case

As you may already know I can be very stubborn, so if I go out late and I´ve been a few days without taking photos outside, I insist on taking some, whatever happens (yes, I know...)

Before this could ruin my walk (or my photos, thanks god I don´t have an analog camera) but now I have learnt to take it easy and the only thing I do is follow the sun and look for the little patches of light it is leaving behind. Quite often, there are precious gifts awaiting me there

This time I discovered that strelitzias -also know as bird of paradise- are flowering again, they probably would have gone unnoticed at any other moment

When I do that, I can´t help thinking that my light´s hunting through the park is just a metaphor of my journey, not only because I have realized that I  must trust light and this has led me to amazing places, but because mastery comes with practice


tinajo said...

It´s always great to get those aha-moments! :-)

bettyl said...

You found a lovely shot in all the shadows. Don't you love it when they turn out so well!

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