DAY 311

miracle by chance

going here and there

while I am looking for something else

I found these little treasures

I touch them gently

and I hear the murmur of the ocean

I ask them, what are you doing here?

No answer, only glimpses of blue sea

I ask them, why did I keep you so long?

No answer, only a sense of amazement

I ask them, what message did you convey?

No answer, only a wave of tenderness

I ask them, where could you be now?

No answer, only the sense of sand under my barefoot feet

I ask them, what can I learn now from this simple act of the past?

No answer, but I am quite certain that kindness is the only reply

I ask them, where is now the girl that went all over the coast and picked you up?

A sigh, I am here, I am here -my soul whispered-I´ve always been here...

And it´s true, somehow, my inner self have managed to be active throughout all these years, regardless my need to hide it. 
It´s awesome how something so simple and even accidental can change the whole outlook of one´s life

1 comment:

Cheryl said...

I love your questions to self. This is an interesting idea. Perhaps these items belong in a jar of seaside mementos for a shelf you see often.

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