DAY 305

inspired by noon in the city

A beautiful shape produces an amazing shadow every time the light comes into contact with its surface. This means that shadow exists because there is light, but shadow is always a bit distorted image of the real object

Even so, the shadow shares many thing with the original object. So much so that it manages to evoke it

The shadow has a sort of charm but is more unstable. It can be also over-elaborated and often it is not able to represent exactly the original object

Shadow depends on the angle of light and its potency. When there is not light, there is not shadow, only darkness

Our soul creates a shadow because there is light inside and around us

The way this light comes into contact with us is conditioned by our life experiences. So they create our shadow. It is made of the same matter than our soul but it is distorted

What people (and even ourselves) often see of us is our shadow, not our most inner being. This shadow can have a great allure but it is also very affected. It is artificial and designed to impress because it´s made to compensate our past deficiencies (or what we´ve  interepreted to be such thing).  It is not our authentic self although it has lots of it

We are prone to think that we are our shadow, but we are not

When we start to examine our life experiences for the purpose of explanation we start to understand how shadow was created. And we start to get in touch with the shape that gave rise to the shadow

When we do it, we permit the light fully illuminates us, and the shadow starts to be shorter or less twisted

If this happens we discover our true nature. And we find huge reserves of love, serenity and kindness in our inward and outer world


S said...

Beautiful post ! I do believe that the more we allow light to touch upon us, our false self begin to disappear.
I checked your post 303 and it indeed is the same flower ! We call it periwinkle. Coincidence or not, I feel that when two people { who have not even met each other, like you and me } are on the same spiritual journey or soul path,- their vibes, thoughts and perceptions suddenly come to the same level and they start doing almost the same things. Yesterday, after writing in my diary on the topic of faith, I logged in to my blog. Immediately, I saw a comment in my post. I went back to the blog of that blogger friend/ commentator and she updated her blog with a post titled faith at that time !!
You are right,it cannot be a coincidence. rather, it is Serendipity!
have a nice day !

Sherri B. said...

What a wonderful and thought provoking post...and I love your photo!

betty-NZ said...

This is such a deep post. Wow.

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