DAY 286

The flamboyant trees are flowering again

here are hundreds of them around my house. The coming and going of the people, cars and the life in the city (which is a small city, anyway) don´t cast a shadow over them and their stunning beauty, but they are part of the scenery and often are not appreciated as they should be. These days their fallen flowers are covering our streets, squares and avenues but people walk and trample on them without any clemency 

I used to do that also. I´ve been living in this city fourteen years or so and I became aware of their wonderful presence only a few years ago. I was too busy, too lost in my thoughts to pay real attention to them. Of course, I could see them with my eyes, but not with my heart

However, one day, coinciding with the start of this journey, I awake to the miracle of their existence and I felt deeply grateful for them. This is one of the reasons why I used their flowers in my blog header because through them I realized that -as 
 Robert Fulghum said:

"To look this way is to see. To see is to have vision. To have vision is to understand. To understand is to know. To know is to become. To become is to live fully. To live fully is to matter. And to matter is to become light. And to become light is to be loved. And to be loved is to burn. And to burn is to exist. Off and on."

hen I saw them again this year I realized that a year had passed since I decided to make this journey more visible and also that I had written 285 posts of this blog (!) 

I can hardly believe that I have been able to keep my determination regardless my work, my up and downs, many circumstances and problems and my mood... I feel so proud of myself. I know that this doesn´t seem a spectacular achievement, but this was so important –even vital- to me 

Along the way I have met amazingly generous persons, mostly women. They  take time to comment on my blog and are kind enough to encourage me to keep on trying. They even want to know more about me and my journey and  are glad that I am sharing it...

Well, this flower was meant to be offered up to you, my friends, with a big, big thanks!

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S said...

Feeling glad myself and for you that you have written 285 posts and you know what ? I never find anything boring or repetitive in your posts, each and every post is unique and worth reading -full of beautiful and healing thoughts are in them.
The flower you have photographed here, which is a gorgeous flower, is called "Krishnachura" in our country. I also have the same flowering tree right beside my home.
Keep blogging and inspiring us with your healing thoughts !
have a nice day,

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