DAY 271

there is a force inside us...

We human beings are quite odd, aren´t we? Can you imagine flowers trying to question the inner force that tells them is time to bloom? Can you imagine trees, birds or bees contradicting their own nature? But we do it

We are trained on the idea of control and we usually put our will before everything else so we don´t know how to flow with life´s pace and we reject what is calling us

This causes discomfort and make us feel uneasy,  but we are also  trained to ignore pain and keep on living a life that doesn´t fit us. Don´t do it. Don´t pretend you´re not suffering. Don´t feign happiness

We all should make room for our pain, we all should sit down with our pain (that maybe is disguised as anger, frustration or sadness and even as false euphoria and security) and listen to it because it indicates our soul´s needs and it can teach us the way back to our authentic self

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Introverted Art said...

This post hit the spot in a couple of topics for me: 1. it is the fact that you are right, we question and argue with the most innate of feelings and we questions everything. We question our existence, our appearance, our beings. And 2. about the suffering. For a while I have been thinking that, when it became unacceptable to grieve, to cry, to suffer... Recently, a family friend lost her husband to unexpected death. After a month of her grieving process, people were already saying it's time to let go, stop crying. All well intentioned advices, but this man was this woman's love, partner, friend. They were married for over 20 years and to me the fact she was expected to bounce back in a month is absolutely ridiculous. We should make room for our pains, I think that's why we are such a sick society. There is no more room for it.

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