DAY 272

heat wave

y blog´s entries have been behind schedule lately, and this is the main reason why this has been happening this time. The hot  weather is not especially inspiring and makes me feel sleepy

As you can see I am not the only one, but she doesn´t feel ashamed of having a nap anytime she need it. Far from it, I´ve been trying to stay active all week long, but along the weekend, after five days suffering the extreme temperatures, I´ve finally decided to throw in the towel and follow my cat´s example (and the advices of authorities): stay at home, rest, go outside only if necessary and don´t expose myself to direct sun, in particular at noon

...But of course, she plays the sleeping beauty better than me, by far

1 comment:

Introverted Art said...

The hot weather seems to be messing with everyone's summer. And that cutie sleeping is piece, is there a greater image?

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