DAY 250

summer solstice at home

I have many sweet memories of lazy summers and old style vacations by the sea that I won´t live again the same way. I´ve always loved the style of those vacations of my childhood and early youth, and even when later I lived wonderful vacations, travelling to different countries or staying in gorgeous hotels, I have never forgotten those ones... maybe because simply things can be the best

So last summer when -due to different reasons- I had to stay at my house and surroundings, I decided not to overdramatize and instead I started to recreate the spirit of those old summer days and tried to live by it

I discovered that I could do it if I simplified my daily routines and took things easy. So I started to wake up early and have a relaxed breakfast, spend the morning and noon at home making creative tasks, updating my readings and personal projects. I changed my meals and outfits that started to be less formal and lighter, and enjoyed some ice creams (which were an essential part of those summers). I kept low blinds after the meals and rested viewing mainly old films and TV series, and went shopping, for long walks around the city and met friends –outside or at home- late in the evenings...

And do you know something? I loved it

This year I would like to introduce also, walks and visits to the market early in the morning because this will give me the chance not only of supplying my kitchen with fresh foods and herbs and my house with local flowers, but also of taking photos with good light when the heat is still bearable. Past summer I didn´t try to do this because I have been a night owl most of my life, so getting up early wasn´t easy, but now this is also changing, so I can imagine myself doing that

I am so looking forward my vacations!. One of the things I love more of those times, was the feeling that I have all the life ahead, and I think this is the reason why I enjoyed (and am going to enjoy) so much my experiment… indeed, my soul is longing for a less complicated approach to life

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La Dolce Vita said...

Such a beautiful post. Recreating the spirit of good old days in our present life is a beautiful idea. I attempt to do the same but now I am thinking of doing it more consciously.
take care,

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