DAY 207

morning mandala

This photo is part of the 52 project I am sharing with this group, whose week´s theme is fruit. I´ve been dreaming all week long about how to compose a beautiful photo using different fruits, playing with colors and shapes... but finally I decided to "stay true to my reality"

I´ve never been good at eating fruits  (yes, I know...), so I´ve ended up looking for a fruit that makes it less complicated to me, and apart from bananas, I´ve found the kiwifruit

It is not my favorite fruit, it´s not even one of the fruits I like best: I love strawberries and figs and watermelon, and I like cherries and mangoes, but it´s the one I eat more and easily. Don´t ask me why.

Maybe this happens because they are usually available throughout most of the year or because I can cut them in half and I can scoop the flesh out with a spoon. Maybe because its wonderful visual appeal and its invigorating taste...  but the thing is that I´ve got used to eat them on regular basis and they are helping me to want to enjoy other fruits now that my daily fruit intake is well settled (baby steps usually work!) 

So today I pay tribute to kiwifruit. It´s healthy and delicious, it´s nutritious and versatile and really, really beautiful. My mornings are much better since I started to eat them... 

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